Monday, May 24, 2010

Day Thirteen: Introducing the Bridge

Stevie did well on this exercise; She has been on trailers before, but only when run through a chute or bribed in with grain.  This was the first time I purposely asked her to step up on a bridge.  The curiosity she displayed with the tarp (she'd step on it any chance she got!) made me think this wouldn't be too big a deal.

Starting by sending her between myself and the bridge

She's developing some confidence, and stepping a little bit over the corner

Putting one foot on the bridge

Walking across for the first time

Almost had the stop on the bridge, but was a hare late

Stopped on the bridge, and getting loved on!


Please use caution and common sense.  Horses are large animals, with an exceptional amount of power and strength.  They are also concerned above all with their own personal safety, and will do whatever they feel it takes to keep themselves from harm.  Being individuals that act and react differently, the only certainty you have when working a horse is uncertainty.  I am a professional trainer with twenty plus years experience, yet even with the knowledge I possess, I still get hurt from time to time.  This blog and the accompanying media are for entertainment purposes only.  No responsibility will be assumed for injuries or damages incurred while trying to use these methods at home.  Please ride responsibly; protective gear can save your life!

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