Saturday, June 18, 2011

day eight of wet blankets and long miles

So yesterday, I was able to get in a quick ride... dodging rain drops the whole time.  Took Stevie out again to work outside the arena (which will be the goal the rest of the season).  Spent around ten minutes on ground work, just getting her to move forward on a circle, yielding the hips, and drawing the shoulders in.  The draw is still a little sticky, needs a bit more energy to really make it work. 

Working on HQ disengagement

Now for the other side

driving the hips from the ground

Circling on the hill is great for developing muscle and balance
We then hit the road.  This time, we were able to stay out twice as long, and go down a new route.  Stevie handled herself very well; a few small jumps at a squirrel and some snorting at the trash cans, but over all very nice.  Each time we head home, I make a point of not going directly into the drive way; our drive is about midway up the street, so I'll ride all the way to the end, trot back up, go PAST the drive, then let her head back in by means of a make shift 'footing mound' (a stone retaining wall).  I don't want her to get in the habit of rushing back home; its the same thing in the arena with gate sour horses.  Ride them in and out of that gate, never get off there, back them out once your done, and most often the gate issue goes away!

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  1. Long shot if you still read your messages here, but do you still have Stevie? I have a palomino belgian/QH cross that's about the right age to be here.